A Haven In the Woods

A Haven in the Woods is a contemporary romance. It shows the growth of a relationship between two opposite people who are forced by circumstances to interact and the unexpected growth of feelings between them as they face a life-changing event whose impact rocks both of them.

Ellen is running away. Heartbroken and carrying the ever growing shame of her foolishness in trusting a man, she rents a remote cabin in the woods. All she needs to do is survive until the baby is born. Once that happens she’ll be free to start a new job and a new life. The last thing she expected was to be pulling out her gun on a strange man walking out of the woods.

Robert loves the solitude of the mountains. Tracking the wildlife with only his dog for company. It’s not the profitable career his family would desire for him. He wished they’d understand. But the woman in the cabin, while an annoyance, also concerns him. She’s not prepared for the brutal winter in the mountains. And pregnant? He resolves to help her.

Robert falls for the taciturn woman and even more for the child she carries. When her home is destroyed he brings her to his…offering protection and shelter from the harsh winter. He can’t understand why she won’t talk about the baby, or make plans for it.

Can two lonely souls trapped together, testing the limits of solitude and friendship, find true love?

This is a riveting novella which follows two very different people as their lives and hearts intersect. Here are a few reviews:

I loved this book! It had so many things I enjoyed. A quaint, quiet place in the woods, complete with snow. A cute dog and a sweet cat. A stubborn heroine who doesn’t want help but needs it. A gentle, loving hero who lives Christ’s example and shows this to this poor lost woman. I only wish the ending were a little longer because I wanted to savor the happily ever ending. Don’t miss this book. Well written.

Bolton’s lush setting paints a perfect backdrop for these people who learn that protecting each other, no matter how they came together, as well as living under the protection of God’s wings, makes life worth living. Told in multiple viewpoints from the perspectives of the main characters, this sweet novella clips right along at a quick pace. Full and satisfying, readers will root for both Robert and Ellen, even in the darkest moments.

Ms. Bolton delivers a great romance in this short novella which is part of the Love Is series.

Ellen isn’t in the mood to be loved or trust a man and she keeps Robert at arms length. He, however, falls for the unborn baby and tries everything he can to help Ellen as she nears delivery. I don’t want to give away the story but lets just say he really has to work for this and is an example of love that protects, no matter what. Great story.

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