Hats Off!


Hat’s Off is a charming novella set in the 1920’s about a young widow and an introverted cowboy and their halting, sometimes humorous steps toward each other.

Kay is a widow who has moved to Oregon in the 1920’s to live with her brother and his wife. She sews shirts while he makes hats. Intrigued by the rough-hewn men who come in and out of their shop, she wonders if love would ever come her way a second time.

Aaron intrigues Kay with his quiet demeanor, especially after she finds him drunk. Leaving her brother to care for him, she often wonders what led the man to that point. While challenging herself to try new things, she takes a risk in getting to know the taciturn man.

Can shy love break through the hurting hearts of these two lonely people?

Here are some review quotes about this delightful novella:

Beautiful is the word that comes to mind when I think about this book. The pages are full of gentle tenderness.

Two lonely people who are afraid of love find each other in 1920’s Oregon. She’s a widow working in the family hat shop, he’s a battle weary soldier making his way as a cowboy. Can they find comfort in each other? Touching, well written story.

Aaron is a quiet man who does his job but one night gets drunk and is discovered by Kay who gets her brother Philip to care for the man. He intrigues her in their fiew shy interactions. She steps out and tries new things including challenging the quiet man with his own dark past. Their brief interactions ignite sparks quickly.

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