Answering Sarah

The fire changed her childhood, and threatens to steal her future.

After a fire destroys their home when she was a girl, Sarah’s family rebuilds their lives, yet the echoes of the fire’s damage remain. Sarah learned to turn inward, and keep her curious mind to herself, asking God all the questions that her own father used to delight in. But the fire silenced her father, and spread the stillness to the rest of them. Yet Sarah longs to express herself, to find answers to all her questions. A new, young pastor arrives, and captivates her heart. The prospect of a challenging and unexpected life dances before her, but then is held out of her reach. And with the new possibilities come questions she’s never asked herself before. Is she ready for the answers?


This book is dedicated first to God and my husband and family, and then to all those who labor in the service of ministering to others. Whether it is in spiritual, emotional or physical needs, your work is vital and beautiful, though often overlooked and unappreciated. I hope this book encourages as well as entertains and uplifts. That is my hope. And may your life be blessed.


Answering Sarah takes place in rural upstate New York near the turn of the twentieth century at a time when many towns were small and working through the numerous changes the time period presented. This book is but a snapshot of some of the concerns within a small town at that time.
Women didn’t have the vote in New York, though they did in the state of Wyoming and the territories of Utah, Washington, and Montana.
In some cities, telephones and gas or electric lights were becoming common, but not in the rural areas. Though cars were not yet in use, trains made travel possible throughout much of the country, and new ideas and practices were spreading at a faster rate than many people were comfortable with.
Though circumstances may change, the common challenges of life appear to remain quite the same, no matter what era people live in. Perhaps a bit like today in some ways? I’ll leave you to decide that question. I hope you enjoy this journey back in time.

Now, for a preview of Answering Sarah:

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