Thoughts on being a wife and mother

I imagine every family has its daunting challenges, heartbreaks and high times of joy. I can’t imagine what my own experience of building family relationships and being a mother and grandmother would have been without the steady guidance of God’s Spirit in my life. I could bring all my cares to Him and learn how to navigate the choppy emotional waters of family life, and learn the lessons I needed to, for myself, and my loved ones.
I wish I’d been a faster learner, and a better example. I’m sure my husband and sons shared that same wish! (I’m only half-kidding!) I am constantly amazed by how precious these relationships are, how powerful and fragile at the same time. Just like human beings.
The amazing thing about God is, He can take my flawed heart and mind and show me a new direction, a better way. He can and does teach me how to walk in newness of life. I am thankful every day for that, and am also thankful that these changes often come about through painful, soul-shaking trials.
He’s my counselor, my instructor, my hope, my life.

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