The Fork in the Road! Detour!

Well, I was going to write some thoughts about curiosity and how useful I find it to be. I’ve always liked the quote ‘curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.’ So, I looked up who had said it. Eugene O’Neill. Wow. So, being a curious person, I wanted to refresh my knowledge of Mr. O’Neill. I start reading his bio and my interested face must have fallen by degrees as I read his sad family history, until I had to pull my chin off the floor and stop reading about him. Heartache, substance abuse, suicides and illnesses.

Does that sum him up, or does his work? As usual, I am left with questions. Ones I can’t ask because the man is dead. What success he enjoyed obviously didn’t afford him much gladness, if any. He didn’t appear to be close to anyone. Two of his three children committed suicide. If I could, I’d ask him a bunch of questions, trying to find the reason his life was so chaotic and tragic.

There are happy geniuses, like Einstein, but it seems there are many more unhappy, tortured ones. I try to make sense of this, in light of scripture, and what I know of people. But understanding often eludes me. Wouldn’t people who obviously feel so much and have such depth in them turn their focus to God? For me, everything always circles back to God. I know He is the answer to questions, the focus of my unending curiosity. So I guess I wrote about curiosity after all.


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