So, I’m actually a writer. Amazing.


A year ago, I was reading a very kind rejection of my now debut novel. How could I have known then that a year later, I’d have a debut book out now and another due out in the spring, with a publisher who is enthusiastic about my stories? I’m still pinching myself. But I can’t deny the fact that I put a tremendous amount of hard work into learning how to write better, and more effectively There’s a lot to be said for perseverance and determination to improve.

But with that, I received uncounted boosts of encouragement, advice, criticism and help from other writers. If you are a writer, join a writing critique group. On the advice of an agent who encouraged me even though she never took me on as a client, I joined a Christian critique group at ACFW. There are scores of wonderful writers there, in large and small groups. They are all a part of me becoming a published author. I could never thank them enough for their patient, continued advice and feedback.

With that wind in my sails, I brought dogged determination into the arena with my imagination and my love of words, and have begun a journey that I know will need continued effort for me to continue to improve, and say the things I want to say. For now, I can stand back a moment, survey this amazing terrain and say, Wow. I’m actually a writer!

I’ll post a link where you can see some of the reviews. If you read my book and like it, please post a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads, or Allromance ebooks. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “So, I’m actually a writer. Amazing.

  1. I’m grateful to have teens that will talk to me also. Even the oldest one who’s stays perpetually mad at me these days.

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