Year of Jubilee!


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Scars from Jubilee’s past keep her in constant fear of her new husband. Can she learn to trust again?

Hi everyone! My friend and critique partner, Peggy Trotter launches her debut novel today! It’s a historical Christian romance that I greatly enjoyed reading.I hope you enjoy this chance to learn more about Peggy, and her book!

Let’s get started with the interview!

This is such an interesting story. Where did you get the idea for it?

Wow.  This is such a hard question.  A form of this story has been in my head for years, but I finally wrote it down about six years ago. It started with an idea of a woman trying to make it on her own before modern conveniences.

How much of yourself is in Jubilee and your other characters?

Jubilee has fears, both real and imagined.  I think I overthink things too much, much like Jubilee, and allow fear to creep in where it doesn’t belong.

What’s your favorite part of creating your story and characters?

I love the sparring scenes between the hero and heroine. Right where it twists from witty or angry words to a realization of attraction. That silent realization that there is something deeper. The part that warms your belly. That’s my favorite part.

What was the first story you remember writing?

Well, I wrote one about, “A Puppy’s Surprize” in grade school! LOL Yes, misspell and all. But I suppose you are talking about adult years. My first serious book is called Three Gifts of the Heart.  I’ll be re-editing that someday for publication. It’s also a historical.

How do you feel about being a published author?

Blessed.  I don’t know what other word to use. Being published is something I’ve dreamed of since being a young girl. Now, knowing the difficulty of publishing first hand, I know it wasn’t anything I did. God lined out the steps in perfect order. There’s just an extreme sense of accomplished fullness inside me. Much like a person’s first ride on a huge Ferris wheel.

Do you have a main theme or goal for your stories?

Always my stories start with someone who is beaten down with life. Who sees no answer or option. That’s where I pull in God’s healing and guidance. Once the characters start to realize they need to go God’s way, the pathway starts straightening out. It often happens before a person recognizes it, and it’s only after they’ve scaled the mountain of hopelessness that they look back agape with thanksgiving to God. At least that’s the way it seems to happen in my life. God leaves me with my mouth hanging open all the time when I trail back and see his orchestration of removing the difficulties in my life. Amazing. I want people to always feel there’s hope, no matter what.

Do you write with or without an outline?

Yowza!  Confession time! So without. So, so! LOL As a matter of fact, I have to do the synopsis after the product is finished. Not my fav.

What’s the biggest misconception you had about being a writer?

The hermit life.  I thought I would sit at my computer and punch, punch, punch! LOL Even the movies make it look that way.  It is NOT! So much editing, networking, advertising, event planning, conferences, contests, etc. Lately, I spent very little time actually, “writing.”

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind?

Nope.  And I adore music!!!  But I like it fast and fun.  So I use it instead to motivate me to clean!! J No, I prefer a total empty, quiet house.

What do you want your readers to take away from your stories?

Hope. Faith. Jesus. Pretty much explains it all. Entertainment, as well. Life is so busy, demanding, and hard. I hope it takes them away a bit, but gives them so much more. Hope. Faith. Jesus.

What are you working on now?

Editing one, writing two. Working on social networks always. Helping other writers. Trying to keep up! LOL Can’t complain!  I love the rush! Praise, God, it proves I’m alive!

You certainly are alive! And it’s a pleasure to have you on my blog! Thanks, Peggy!

Here’s an excerpt from Year of Jubilee:

Come in.” Jubilee had to utter it twice to be heard then caught her breath as Rafe’s huge form filled the doorway.

Mornin’,” He removed his hat and hung it on the peg near the window.

The table was a simple trestle with two bench seats on either side. Rafe chose the one against the wall in front of the only glass pane. Jubilee fidgeted nervously by the stove.

Okay if I sit here?” He gestured.

She nodded and shrugged one shoulder. The man owned the place yet asked her where to sit. She snatched up a fork, a knife, and a clean cloth napkin to lay them on the table close to the lone plate.

He sat and stared at her. “Is this my plate or yours?”

She cleared her throat. “Yours.”

He glanced around the table before spreading his search to the kitchen area. “Where’s yours?”

I…thought I’d eat later. This way I can get you anything you need and such…” She gnawed her lip and looked away from him, but not before she caught the half-smile that crossed Rafe’s face.

So you’re just gonna stand and fetch while I eat?”

Jubilee made the mistake of letting her gaze wander back to his. There he sat with that quirky grin, eyebrows lifted, humor lighting his eyes.


Makes you want to keep reading, doesn’t it? Peggy’s a wonderful storyteller! Here’s a short bio about her:

Peggy Trotter has been writing something for over 30 years. The empty-nest syndrome set her to groping for a new direction, and wow, did God answer! Year of Jubilee, a Christian Historical Romance set in southern Indiana, will debut in April of 2015 through Prism Book Group. A second, a Contemporary Romance entitled, Reviving Jules, will follow in 2015 as well. She loves to reveal God’s miracles through the world’s underdogs and mix in a little love and happy endings. 

 She finaled in the Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest in 2013 in the inspirational Category, and is a 2014 ACFW Genesis Finalist in the Novella Category. Seldom does she stand still, but when she does, it’s to praise her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Creator of all gifts and Bestower of all blessings!

Here are Peggy’s social links and the purchase links for her book:

To purchase Year of Jubilee:

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Year of Jubilee

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Year of Jubilee


Year of Jubilee

Prism Book Group:

Year of Jubilee








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