My nonfiction book is out!!

Adventures in Poverty now available ad

Here’s a bit about my book:

Faced with eviction, living on union strike pay, our time for making a decision was running out. Where could we go to live with our five small sons? We had few options. The scariest possibility was also the one that fit best with our tiny income. But could we really make such a difficult move? To transport our family, and our mobile home onto a five-acre parcel of rural, undeveloped land? No electricity, no running water, with winter fast approaching. It sounded a little crazy…….

If you enjoy true stories about people who find themselves in a difficult situation, you’ll love this one! I not only wrote this, I lived it, and it was quite a life-changing experience, and one that has shaped all of us who lived it, since it was such a departure from what most people thought of as regular life! I hope you enjoy my little story!

And here’s the Amazon Link:



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