Winter of my Discontent?

I thought last winter was rough! My husband John had leg ulcers and awful pain, our furnace needed repairs, our plumbing needed repairs, our van got totaled, and we had no car all winter. Then spring came, John’s legs healed, he started a healthy diet and vitamins and mineral supplements, lost 100 plus pounds, and his diabetes and high blood pressure were gone by last fall. Things were looking up, and I could finally hope my husband would stick around for us to get elderly together.

Then January of this year. Our pipes froze, and we both got the flu. John still hadn’t stopped smoking altogether, and even though he was sick, he smoked. Then, in the middle of January, his lungs went south fast, and he spent a long day with bouts of coughing and shortness of breath. Finally it got so bad, he said to call the ambulance. The battery on our car had given up from the extreme cold, so this was our only option. He was rushed to one hospital, and transferred to another because he had not only a collapsed lung, but had suffered a heart attack. He was on a respirator and sedated for four days, while I was home, too sick to do anything but pray and call the ICU nurses for updates.

I can’t begin to tell you how much God’s spirit kept me glued together. I look back and marvel at that. He really does carry you in those desperate times. John recovered so fast, he came home eight days after he was admitted, after being about as close to death as you can get. I got shingles from the stress, but because I’ve been taking my vitamins and minerals every day, and leaning sideways on God for the last month, I’m recovering well. And so is John. It’s quite clear to me that its time for us to move to Ithaca. I’ve loved living out on a dirt road in the boondocks, but it’s too hard for us to try and keep an older home in repair. Too stressful, especially for John. As a writer, I can do that anywhere, and John will be happier in town where he can talk to people. He’s the social one. I’m kind of a recluse, and it suited me to live out here. But I think we need to have a less difficult winter next year, so changes need to be made. I’ve been the one dragging my heels over leaving this place, but I can see it’s time for a change.

So, is this the winter of my discontent? Nope. The winter of my acceptance, and my hope of future contentment for John and I. I’ll turn 60 next month. Guess it’s a good milestone for making a change! Funny. In my head, I’m still in my thirties, except for having more wisdom and experience. Hope that doesn’t change!!

Well, back to edits! My next book comes out May 6th!!! Stay tuned! And have a good winter everyone!