My Poor Neglected Blog!

I’ve had so many moments of inspiration and I’ve thought,“Oooh, I need to write a short blog on that.” And the moment passes because there are so many tasks and other thoughts milling around nearby, waiting for a chance to interrupt and state their importance. Shouldn’t I be more in charge of my own thought processes? I used to pride myself on my ability to focus, but now I see that part of that was my militantly reclusive habit of writing during eighty percent of my free time. 

Since my debut novel came out (The Right Ingredients, by the way!) I’ve fallen into a whirlpool of social media and promoting. And because of this, my thoughts have become more scattered. So many options for advertising, so many clamoring voices once I opened those doors. Yikes! Promoting more means selling more, which could someday mean  the ability to be able to do more than make ends meet every month, and always look the other way at needed house repairs, or car repairs. Not renovations or improvements, mind you, but repairs! So I slog on with the tweets, posts, website visits, book giveaways etc.

Then I realized that the most important thing is to write good stories, pray they’ll be well received, and limit the marketing to a small daily space of time. There’s only so much I can do, and I started writing to speak out the stories in my head. That’s what matters. I’m beginning to calm down and realize this. And, oh, when I sit down to write, the focus returns. The world calms down and centers in on the world of my characters. With God’s help, I’ll find a balance inside me, and focus on story-telling. 

That’s my discourse for today! Back to the keyboard!


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